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We believe that nutrition is the basis for optimal health.  We are aware and appreciate the connection between mind, body, and spirit.  We understand the nutritional value of food that you eat is essential for your body functioning and ultimately your complete well-being.  Holistic Nutrition contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of healthy living.  We discuss motivation triggers and work through barriers to change for a lifetime.  Your interaction is specific to you and the plan we create together will suit your personality and match your ability to create the lifestyle change you are looking for.  Our programs work quicker, with more effective results, and last a lifetime.  We are here to do your research, keep record and check in with you about those areas that need a little love. 

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Health for the entire family
Are you interested in raising an intuitive eater?  Do you wonder how you can trust your child to eat what they need?  I will work with your family to give your child the confidence they need to eat intuitively.  It’s our job as parents to supply the food and the child decides how much and how often they eat.   After all, children are self-regulating; listening to and respecting their own eating experience sets them up for a healthy life.
Nutrition is essential for athletes 
Are you an athlete that wants to take your performance to the next level?  Nutrient timing has become more and more popular but has always been 100% important to your performance. We will focus on familiarizing you with the foundation for nutrient ingestion timing and coach you on a full understanding of why it works. 
Eat To Live program
Weight management as a lifestyle.  We
work with you hand-in-hand with constant modification to your lifestyle.  We work on one lifestyle change at a time until you reach all of your goals. This aligns with our current vision by supporting our philosophy, the truth about lifestyles.  Your lifestyle is your core and you can’t expect to completely change it in one night.  Our dream is to modify your current lifestyle one change at a time until you reach the lifestyle you desire.