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Once we get to chat and find a program that works for you the $50 30-minute consultation fee is credited back towards your program cost.  Click on the program you are interested in to see the details.  Keep in mind that one program does not fit all; we can discuss further during our consultation!

Eat to live!  Weight management as a lifestyle.  We work with you hand-in-hand with constant modification to your lifestyle.  We work on one lifestyle change at a time until you reach all of your goals. This aligns with our current vision by supporting our philosophy, the truth about lifestyles.  Your lifestyle is your core and you can’t expect to completely change it in one night.  Our dream is to modify your current lifestyle one change at a time until you reach the lifestyle you desire.


What’s in your cart?  Learn your labels!  What do they all mean?  How can you tell if a brand is misleading?


Nutrient Timing!  What, when, where, why, and how?  It all matters!  Learn when and what to eat for optimal performance.  


Behavioral Change?   It's hard to change habits!  We are here to help you.